The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Tuscany

The Tuscan coastline is so beautiful and enchanting that makes the ideal place to spend your summer holidays: deep blue sea, clear waters, breathtaking views, steep cliffs, wild nature, sports, and of course good food!

Marina di Pietrasanta

Marina di Pietrasanta has all that you really want to move away from the ordinary daily practice and go through certain days by the ocean. Other than the various and exceptional washing foundations, you can likewise set yourself up on the sand at the Spiaggia Libera di (Motrone Free Beach), which additionally has conveniences like showers and bars.

Whenever you’re burnt out on the waves, why not take a walk around the wharf that stretches north of 200 meters into the ocean? It’s the ideal spot for watching lovely nightfalls, strolling to the enormous round piazza toward the finish of the wharf, prior to heading out to proceed with your evening in one of the numerous nearby nightspots.

Cala del Gesso

Cala del Gesso is a remote oceanside, however, your work will be compensated with grand perspectives and translucent waters wealthy in ocean life, ideal for enthusiasts of swimming. This oceanside, one of the most excellent in the district, is for nothing and has no conveniences, so make sure to bring your umbrella and enough food and water.

You can arrive at this cove by boat, taking in the staggering profile of the Argentario projection, or by means of a wonderful all-encompassing street, first via auto and afterward a stretch by walking. One final tip: assuming that you’re considering going through the day at Cala del Gesso, heading back at nightfall is a genuinely remarkable encounter.

La Feniglia

Spiaggia Della Feniglia (La Feniglia Beach) is one of two sandy spits that interface the central area to the Argentario projection, effectively coming via vehicle, bicycle, or by walking. In spite of the fact that there are a few foundations here, the long ocean side is for the most part free, with shallow water that makes it protected and pleasant in any event, for little ones to have a dip.

A large part of the ocean side is abandoned and wild, actually like the excellent Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia (Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve) behind it, where you can do game or find a spot to notice the neglected deer and the normal birds of the Maremma waterfront region.

Sansone Beach

Spiaggia di (Sansone Beach) is in the north of the Island of Elba and one of the most famous areas on this biggest island of the Tuscan Archipelago. The little inlet with a white rock bed is effectively open and has a washing foundation where you can soak up the sunshine, while likewise offering loads of choices for the people who need to be more dynamic.

Outlined by an enormous ocean stack and a rock, regularly utilized as a characteristic plunging load up for doing aerobatic bounces, this oceanside is an extraordinary beginning stage for investigating with a cover, blades, and snorkel, or investing some energy paddling or kayaking.

Cavoli Beach

Spiaggia di (Cavoli Beach) is an unquestionable requirement visit location for youthful local people, likewise drawing in travelers of any age hoping to unwind by the ocean. The lido is on a sound with clear, shallow waters, shielded from the breeze and encompassed by Mediterranean clean, only a couple of kilometers from Marina di Campo.

A little space of rocks isolates the breadth of light, grainy sand into two sections: one toward the west that is more modest, yet free and tranquil, and the eastern one, with foundations that regularly transform into the setting of wild ocean side gatherings with hot DJ sets under the stars.

Cannelle Beach

Spiaggia Delle (Cannelle Beach) is a remote ocean side that is so lovely it will blow your mind. Subsequent to employing an umbrella and sunbed, you can unwind on its fine sand or take a dunk in a spotless, shallow ocean that is ideally suited for youngsters to play in too.

Leaving from Giglio Porto, you can arrive at the ocean side by the ocean, with advantageous taxi boats, or via car, despite the fact that it’s so close you can likewise arrive at it by walking without a problem. In transit there or back, remember to stop to look at Cala dello Smeraldo, perhaps the most wonderful view presented by the all-encompassing street that skirts the island.

Cala Violina

Cala Violina in the Riserva Naturale delle Bandite di Scarlino (Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve) is oceanside with pieces of quartz that sound like a violin when strolled on. The ocean side gets its name from this curious characteristic, which is especially observable on the calmest occasions.

You can arrive at it by walking, by bicycle or car, albeit the carpark isn’t exceptionally huge so we suggest showing up sooner than expected toward the beginning of the day, particularly in the high season. Ensured by pine woods and rich vegetation, there are no conveniences at this oceanside, so carry all that you want with you to go through a day in one of the most credible spots in the Maremma district.

Gombo Beach

Spiaggia del (Gombo Beach) is a little region with conveniences and restricted limits that you can just access in the wake of booking through the club answerable for securing it. Directed visits, by walking or via truck, leave from Cascina Vecchia.

Despite the fact that you’re not permitted to swim in the secured space of Parco Naturale di Migliarino, San Rossore e Massaciuccoli (Migliarino, San Rossore, and Massaciuccoli Nature Park) where the ocean side is found, we’re certain you will not get exhausted. Other than unwinding on the sunbed saved for you, with the mumbling of the ocean behind the scenes, you can likewise visit a portion of the recreation center’s regular marvels, including dazzling rises, glorious pines, and surprisingly an astounding froze woodland.

Torre Mozza Beach

Spiaggia di Torre Mozza (Torre Mozza Beach) is overwhelmed by an old cautious pinnacle whose profile undeniably denotes this stretch of the Maremma shoreline. Here, you have the decision between the solace of the washing foundations or unwinding in the free-access region.

The seabed here is lovely to the point that we suggested carrying a cover and snorkel with you, regardless of whether you’re not a fanatic of jumping. There’s a reef two or three dozen meters from the shore that is thickly populated with fish and other marine creatures. Some say it may even be essential for the Via Aurelia, an antiquated Roman street.