Montecatini Terme, the history of the town in Tuscany

This wonderful Italian city has a long history in its beautiful Tuscany. Its beauty and spa centres that can cure many diseases are more than amazing. Let’s find out more on how did it all begin and the town’s origin.

Presence of man in the area of Montecatini is very long. From the Paleolithic times, the area was frequently visited by itinerant hunters but only from the Mesolithic period is their evidence of numerous settlements especially in the hills of the Valdinievole.

You can visit the hills, and although it’s not good for cars, if you have the best tires, you will have a great trip. If you are still wondering why are tires so expensive, try to climb this hill, and you will get your answer.

In medieval times, the existence of Montecatini Castello, now known as Montecatini Alto, was already documented.

In these times, the people of this city, found themselves in…