Montecatini Terme, the history of the town in Tuscany

History of Montecatini Terme

This wonderful Italian city has a long history in its beautiful Tuscany. Its beauty and spa centres that can cure many diseases are more than amazing. Let’s find out more on how did it all begin and the town’s origin.

Presence of man in the area of Montecatini is very long. From the Paleolithic times, the area was frequently visited by itinerant hunters but only from the Mesolithic period is their evidence of numerous settlements especially in the hills of the Valdinievole.

You can visit the hills, and although it’s not good for cars, if you have the best tires, you will have a great trip. If you are still wondering why are tires so expensive, try to climb this hill, and you will get your answer.

In medieval times, the existence of Montecatini Castello, now known as Montecatini Alto, was already documented.

In these times, the people of this city, found themselves in terrible conditions, having to fight war, epidemics and diseases. The battles between the cities of Lucca, Pisa and Florence, took place in Montecatini, which lead to people being forced to move into their surrounding hills.

We must also remember that Montecatini was mainly constituted of padule (marshes). 

There were many attempts to reclaiming this territory that was between the 10th century and 1270. affected by epidemics of malaria. In 1328 the Medici came to power, and the locks that had been dismantled with the reclamation were restored.

From 1339. Valdinievole was under the rulership of Medici in Florence, and they didn’t bring many benefits to the city of Montecatini.

Cosimo Medici was the first person to build a bridge-dam to cross the muddy waters of the area. Eventually, the bridge collapsed, and the town surfaced many floods that lead to the period of epidemics.

In 1737. the Medici became extinct, and when great European powers gathered in Vienna, they assigned Tuscany to the house of Habsburg-Lorraine.

They helped Tuscany, but also the channelling of the thermo-mineral waters and the restoration of the City began when they were ruling. Pietro Leopoldo returned many times, even with his family, to Montecatini to check the state of the works.

In the twentieth century, Montecatini bloomed. Important people visited it, and the towns baths and water were finally noticed. The thermo-mineral waters cured and helped people fight through the period of war.

Now the Montecatini Terme is the City we all know, a little thermal spa that hides the beauty of Tuscany. Italy’s little treasure that the history of Montecatini Terme is all about.

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