Montecatini Terme, the history of the town in Tuscany

This wonderful Italian city has a long history in its beautiful Tuscany. Its beauty and spa centres that can cure many diseases are more than amazing. Let’s find out more on how did it all begin and the town’s origin.

Presence of man in the area of Montecatini is very long. From the Paleolithic times, the area was frequently visited by itinerant hunters but only from the Mesolithic period is their evidence of numerous settlements especially in the hills of the Valdinievole.

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In medieval times, the existence of Montecatini Castello, now known as Montecatini Alto, was already documented.

In these times, the people of this city, found themselves in…

You may not even know of this tiny town located on the main street and train line between Florence and Lucca, but it has been here since before medieval times. Today, it is a significant tourist attraction in Tuscany for many reasons such as the warm thermal baths. Montecatini Terme is popular for many reasons. Here is what you should see if you are visitting Montecatini Terme.


Right alongside Montecatini Terme lies the medieval hill town of Montecatini Alto. You’re going to receive charming streets to enjoy and stunning views.This friendly and wonderful town can be accessed by funicular and once here, you’ll have some fun taking a look at the magnificent views of old medieval buildings, a church, and a fortress.

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Montekatini je prelep italijanski gradić i terma u srcu Toskane. Odličan je za odmor sa porodicom ili partnerom, kao i za uživanje u prirodi i opuštanje u termalnim vodama. Ako planirate da ga posetite, ovde vam je lista nekoliko najboljih hotela u kojima možete da odsednete.


SmArt Hotel Bartolinis se nalazi na 300 m od termalnih izvora u Montekatini Termama. Gosti mogu uživati u piću u baru i koristiti besplatni besplatan internet u celom objektu.

Sve klimatizovane sobe sadrže TV ravnog ekrana, mini bar i sef. Slatki doručak na bazi švedskog stola služi se svakog jutra. U restoranu u okviru objekta takođe je dostupna toskanska kuhinja pa gosti imaju mogućnost da probaju neka od najboljih jela ovog dela Italije.

SmArt Hotel Bartolini je udaljen 900 m od železničke stanice Montekatini. Aerodrom se nalazi na 15 minuta vožnje.

SmArt Hotel Bartolini je hotel sa tri zvezdice, ali je u potpunosti renoviran i povoljno smešten u Montekatini Termama…

Prelep italijanski gradić i terma – Montekatini je pravi biser Toskane. Drevna verovanja koja datiraju još iz doba starog Rima tvrde da terme koje se nalaze u Montekatiniju deluju pozitivno na ljudski organizam i leče čak i od najjačih, najtežih i najmukotrpnijih bolesti. Priča se da je ta predivna voda iz termi delovala pozitivno i na čovekove fizičke osobine, kao i na njiegovo psihićčko blagostanje. Priča se da je “isterivalo demone” i “uništavalo negativne misli”.

Grad isceljenja – Montekatini

Mada jedno je priča i drevno verovanje. Drugo je realnost. Po našem mišljenju, ovaj prelepi grad zaslužuje našu pažnju. Ima predivne pejzaže, povoljne cene i najlepše od svega – pruža pravi odmor. Za duh, a i za telo. Da li izbacuje demone? Mi to ne znamo, ali nas i ne zanima. Znamo da je predivan gradić u pitanju, to je nama dovoljno da ga zavolimo.

Već godinama unazad, ovde cvetaju hoteli, restorani, kafić, kafane i drugi ugostiteljski objekti.…

Think Italy, think delicous food and wine! Italian cuisine has made it’s mark on the planet’s food scene for quite a few decades now. Anywhere you go in the world you’re very likely to come across an Italian restaurant, and some of those restaurants are fantastic but there’s not anything like eating Italian food in Italy itself.

Passionate Italians (nearly all them) will frequently tell you a food,beverage or betting is from a particular area of Italy and it is ideal to test that dish while your in this area, Tuscans aren’t exempt from this fire.


That can be Montecatini’s signature sweet, it resembles a round wafer biscuit. The first recipe is a closely guarded secret but it’s known to include eggs, pasta, almonds and milk. The Bargilli family company is still going strong now and you’ll be able to buy Cialde di Montecatini within their store Viale Verdi.